Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour and Tasting

Cost: 14 euros per person
Duration: 1 hour – 1.5 hours

  • Outside talk about organic olive tree farming
  • Inside talk about extra virgin olive oils production both methods (first cold pressed and cold extraction systems are explained)
  • Tasting of 3 extra virgin olive oils, 1 flavored oil, olives, Cretan sweet vinegar and petimezi

Cooking Demonstration
and Lunch

Cost: 35 euros per person
Duration: 3 hours
Language: English

We have set up a fun and didactic cooking demonstration for you. Maria has selected some classical Greek dishes that you are going to love. Join us for a memorable and delicious experience.

What to expect: In the delightful terrace of our olive mill surrounded by olive fields and vineyards, our chef is waiting to show you her tricks. After a brief introduction, Maria will start preparing tzatziki, dakos and dolmades (stuffed vine leaves). If you want to give your skills a try, you are welcome to help the chef! In addition to the dishes the chef has just prepared, you will eat handmade chortopites (wild greens pies), mizithropites (cheese pies), the classical Greek salad, bread and pita bread. To drink: wine from our favorite organic local wineries. And, of course, a nice dessert to end the day: Sfakiani pita with thyme honey from our local beekeeper.

Olive Oil Soap Workshop

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 20 euros per person

  • We show and explain the cold method of soap making with our organic olive oil.
  • Visitors can participate using the required protection, which is provided by us (apron, glasses and gloves). According to Covid-19 regulations in place at the moment of visit.
  • Visitors can choose what flavour they would like their soap to be: natural (just olive oil), rosemary, oregano, lavender, sage, thyme, bay leaves, rose, jasmine. If they have another flavour in mind, we will be happy to try to provide it.
  • At the end of the process, visitors take their personal soap of about 80g home.

Cooking Class

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 99 euros per person
Language: English

Do you know how to cook with extra virgin olive oil? Would you like to learn some secrets of the Greek gastronomy? You have come to the right place! Maria is a very relaxed and knowledgeable cook who knows all the secrets of the Cretan and Greek cuisine. Embark on this culinary journey for a genuine and delightful hands-on experience.

What to expect: In the charming location of our olive mill, with picturesque views onto vineyards and olive groves, Maria is waiting for you. The cooking class will start with a visual overview of the ingredients, the essentials for a good meal. After a brief introduction to the dishes you are going to prepare, Maria will give you some aprons and put you to work!

You will make 5 different dishes: tsatsiki, zucchini patties, gemista (stuffed tomatoes and vegetables), dakos and, of course, a Greek salad.

We have selected these healthy, simple and delicious recipes for you to learn some technical skills and to share with you some of our culture.

After the preparations, it’s time to lay back and enjoy the food with a fresh glass of wine, if you haven’t had one yet.

Last but not least, a typical Cretan dessert with organic thyme honey and our local eau-de-vie will be served.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting and Sensory Play for Children
with Anastasia

Cost: 1 child € 12,00
2 siblings € 20,00 3 siblings € 30,00
Duration: 90 minutes
Language: English, German and Greek
PARTICIPANTS: Minimum 4 children; maximum 8 children

Monday – Friday: 11:30am to 1pm

Discover Crete with all your senses” is an interactive and educational workshop for children during their summer holidays in Crete. Our goal is to create an engaging and fun place where children can learn about Cretan culture and products through active sensory stimulation.

“Educational science has proven that sensory learning enhances children’s development by enabling them to discover their environment through exploration, curiosity and creativity.”

The first part of the workshop includes a short tour of the olive mill followed by an olive oil tasting. Kids will smell and taste different olive oils. In the second part we use the olive oil and herbs/dried flowers to make our own natural scented play dough.

Anastasia is a pedagogue from Germany and the owner of CAACTUS CARE. She organizes creative parties and upcycling workshops for kids across the island, teaching them how to turn single use items like paper cups and plastic bottles into toys, games and other fun things. Crafting with disposable materials encourages children’s creative skills while promoting the development of a sustainable mindset. Anastasia believes that learning through sustainable play makes the world a better place! 

Visite et dégusation en français

Prix: € 14,00 par personne

Durée: 60 à 90 minutes

Lundi – Vendredi: 12h30 à 14h

Nous sommes toujours très contents de pouvoir partager avec nos visiteurs notre passion pour l’huile d’olive et vous faire découvrir notre moulin traditionnel.

Pendant la visite nous vous parlerons d’abord de la culture biologique de l’olivier.

Puis, nous vous expliquerons la fabrication de l’huile dans le moulin devant les machines.

Finalement, nous nous asseyerons dehors pour analyser qu’est ce que l’huile d’olive vierge extra et nous ferons une dégustation de nos 3 qualités d’huile d’olive extra vierge. Nous goûterons aussi une huile parfumée, des olives et 2 produits faits à partir de raisins.