Extra virgin olive oil, find everything out!

Are you spending your holidays in Crete?

Do you want to see and learn how extra virgin olive oil is made?

Do you want to taste our juicy extra virgin olive oils ?

You have found the right place!


 Come to our family-owned traditional olive mill for a guided tour of the olive groves and the olive oil factory.

Learn about olive tree farming, organic farming, the olive fly, harvesting and much more in the olive fields.

In the olive mill, we will explain every step of the process: washing, sorting, crushing, mixing, pressing, extracting to finally bottling !

Follows the tasting of our three qualities of extra virgin olive oil (evoo): Fleur d’Huile or Run-off evoo, First Cold Pressed evoo and Cold Extracted evoo along with our lemon zest flavoured evoo and our orange zest flavoured evoo.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm. Please contact us to book your tour and tasting:

kiara.koutoulakis@koronekes.gr  • + 306937118545 • https://www.koronekes.gr


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