As a business and as a family our philosophy is to believe in a brighter and greener future for the world.

Koronekes® philosophy aims to be in harmony with Nature and the environment. Our objective is to bring to you a natural and healthy product having undergone careful handling from the tree to the bottle.

Our mono varietal Koronekes® olive oils are made with koroneiki olives exclusively. The soil and the Cretan climate are thus fundamental to our cultivar, giving our olives their basic elements: their unique flavors and characteristics. We do not try to alter nature’s taste, on the contrary, we strive to simply enhance it by careful handling at every stage of the process: from the tree to the bottle, and from the bottle to your palate.

Following the steps of the cornerstone book “Le Génie du Sol Vivant”, (Bernard Bertrand and Victor Renaud, Le Génie du Sol Vivant, Ed. Du Terran, Aspet (Haute-Garonne), 2009), we believe in the importance of protecting the surface of the earth, the soil of our groves, where our trees prosper.

The soil functions as a "living skin" on the earth's surface where, to put things simply, where a diverse number of insects along with microorganisms act on the quality of the soil itself.

Whereas nowadays pests and diseases are treated with chemicals, we are trying to resolve the imbalances in nature with natural remedies.

If, for example, a certain insect is damaging our olives, we will not try to exterminate it but rather find something else to interest it with. If we cannot lure it to another plant, we can find another insect, which will prey on it. If this still doesn’t work we can use different herbal, mineral and organic preparations (made with garlic for instance) to keep this insect at bay. Moreover, these concoctions can also be used to increase the fertility of the plants.

The first step of our organic philosophy is to bring diversity to our groves. In the winter months lush green beds of clover, rich in nitrogen, already cover our fields. We are reaping its benefits.

During the warmer months other plants thrive. In this effort to make the groves greener, different plants, from capers to pine trees are being planted, contributing to a biodiversity, which has been destroyed.

One of our new goals is to have a myriad of flowers in our groves, (shapes, colors, smells) all through the year. This biodiversity will attract a vibrant insect community, which balances itself in an endless cycle.

Often, we have realized that it is easier to remedy the cause rather than treat the symptoms. Our long-term goal is to create harmonious biodiversity in our olive groves with a minimum of external input, to produce even higher quality olive oils.


Our philosophy: discover a fresh, vibrant, regional oil from Crete with a PDO quality label

From the tree to the bottle