Koronekes® First Cold Pressed - How is it made? 

Our Koronekes® First Cold Pressed Olive Oil is a genuine and exceptional first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. It has not come into contact with heated water nor contains any chemical additives. We apply the same quality control from the harvesting, handling and sorting to the crushing of these olives. The stacked discs of crushed olive paste go to the press and undergo a mechanical pressure of 400 atmospheres. Koronekes® Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed is obtained through simple pressure on the vertical press.


First Cold Pressed 5L tin cactus background

Contrary to other commercial extra virgin oils Koronekes® Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed also requires more kilos of olives than other olive oils. Approximately 5 kilos are necessary to make one liter of Koronekes® Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed. Our mill is equipped with a hydraulic press and stainless steel mats, which combine modern technology with ancestral custom. In this way all the authentic aromas of our oil are preserved.

The oil is decanted naturally to separate the oil from the water it still contains. We have made this choice and chosen to bottle our oil unfiltered, in order to protect all the volatile flavors and aromas that give our oil its distinctive taste. This non-tampering ensures a totally natural and healthy product with all its qualities intact.

Its acidity level is extremely low, year after year, varying slightly between 0.25- 0.4% on average. First cold pressed olive oil is a rarity today in the olive oil market.


Organoleptic Characteristics

A different, yet unique flavor is to be found in our rare First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It has a rich fruity punch and a pleasant spiciness. It does not present a bitter aftertaste.

Its green bouquet evokes cut hay.

It also is a translucent oil, a bit more fluid than our Fleur d’Huile.

It has a golden color.



To be used raw or for cooking your favorite dishes. Ideal for pasta, vegetables, soups or meats.

From the tree to the bottle