Established in Crete in 1999, Koronekes® olive mill is a family business.

We, the Koutoulakis family, have a passion for olive oil that led us to build our state-of-the-art olive mill, at the very heart of our land, to ensure optimum quality olive oils from the tree to the bottle. We farm our olive trees in different groves surrounding the olive mill; this area benefits from the PDO Archanes Heraklion Crete since 1991.

The produce is taken to the olive mill at harvest time, arriving in batches several times a day. Harvest time starts in mid-October when the olives are mostly green.

The oil is carefully pressed, naturally decanted, clarified then stored at the mill in order to preserve its full flavor and qualities. We chose to make extra virgin olive oils using the ancestral traditional method of presses.

The olive mill is active all year long, bottling on the premises on demand. Only our olives go into the making of our oils.

Our quest for sublimation, flavor and taste led us to separate our unique run-off : Fleur d’huile and bottle it for its specificity.

It is our flagship oil.

Our olive mill is equipped with a first cold press system, there is no addition of water during processing. The system exerts pressure on stainless steel discs spread with fresh olive paste, extracting the oil by pure mechanical pressure.

In our olive mill the water and the oil contained in the olive are naturally separated by decantation. Since water and oil don’t mix, after settling for some hours, the oil floats to the top of our vats where it is collected. This system allows for a higher quality product. The oil produced preserves the original characteristics of the fruit, namely its rich fruity flavor and it’s high content in polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants good for our health which also help keep the oil fresher for a longer period of time.

Our olive mill, built three storeys high, uses the natural force of gravity for directing the olive oil from the press to the storing vats, and from these vats to our bottling installation.

From the tree to the bottle