Our small olive groves, form geometrical patches on the flanks of the rolling hills, between the ruins of Knossos and the village of Archanes. At an altitude of approximately 200 meters, the cool summer breezes protect our trees from the scorching summer heat. All within the perimeter of the Archanes PDO, our groves cover approximately 19ha. The PDO label “Archanes, Heraklion, Crete” is a guarantee of the superior quality of the Archanes region’s oil that has been exported for close to four millenniums!

We tend to our trees with respect and devotion. Our 2000 olive trees, some more than 80 years old, bloom in the white, chalky, well drained soil, far more prized than the red for the cultivation of olive trees.

We cultivate only one variety of olive in our groves, the Koroneiki.

Traditionally grown in the region, they are first of all very rich in olive oil: they contain more than 28% of oil. Furthermore, the Koroneiki has a high level of polyphenols if you harvest the olives at the right time.

Our single varietal oil has distinctive characteristics of its own.

From the tree to the bottle