Our mission starts at the tree and ends at the bottle!

Ancestral know-how and modern technology coincide at our family mill to bring you delectable oils with distinctive tastes.

Our mission is to control every step of the process. Our small production and personal investment give us the possibility to ensure top notch, 100% quality at all stages: growing, producing and bottling. Not only do we take excellent care of our olive trees in order to produce healthy, tasty and rich olives, but we ensure a maximum delay of two hours between the harvesting and the pressing of our olives.

As a result we have the freshest extra virigin olive oils available! We sort our olives by hand before crushing them in order to remove all damaged olives, leaves and any impurity (such as a stone or snail!). Bottling, is performed on the third lower floor of our factory; the oil is sent there by force of gravity alone. The stainless steel tubes in the mill connecting all our vats, from floor to floor, cover more than 8 kilometers!

Each bottle is numbered as required by the PDO regulations. Our mission at our olive mill equipped with traditional presses is to bring to you unique extra virgin olive oils in the most natural way. Our oil literally seeps out of the pressed olive paste.

Discover our gourmet olive oils and how we produce them.

From the tree to the bottle