Koronekes® Les Oliveraies  Cold Extraction - How is it made? 

Our Koronekes®Les Oliveraies is an extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold extraction. The difference? This oil is not pressed but extracted by centrifuge. Most extra virgin olive oils on the market today are centrifuged and not pressed.

This oil produced at our mill, is centrifuged, from the natural decantation water that has separated from our Koronekes® Run-Off Oil and our Koronekes® Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed. Since this water is still rich in oil we centrifuge it in order not to loose one precious drop of Koronekes® oil.

Rich and fruity this extra virgin olive oil also comes from our olives; the difference is that it is made through extraction. This process separates the oil from the vegetation water using the incredible speed of the centrifuge. Because of its rapidity, this modern method is the most widespread nowadays.

This oil is an excellent basic oil. We recommend it for cooking and preparing all of your meals.


Organoleptic Characteristics: 

Koronekes® Les Oliveraies has all the harmonious taste of koroneiki olives. It is has a smoother, fruity, peppery taste.

Its color is a deeper yellow.



We recommend it for seasoning, cooking and frying. Did you know that frying in olive oil is the healthiest and safest oil to fry in? Olive oil is the most stable fat when heated. This means it endures high frying temperatures. Its smoke point is at 210ºC, above the optimal temperature for frying food (180ºC). When heated, olive oil’s digestibility is not altered, even if it is re-used for more than one frying.

Learn more on about frying with olive oil on the International Olive Council site.

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