Koronekes® Fleur d'Huile - How is it made? 

Fleur d’Huile or Run-off oil is our finest quality of extra virgin olive oil. It has not come into contact with heated water nor contains any chemical additives.

Fleur d'Huile EVOO 500ml
Fleur d'Huile
olives are selected from our best groves and sorted by hand at the mill.

Crushed, the olives are mixed into a paste for no more than 30 minutes at a maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. Little drops of olive oil begin to form when the paste is ready.

The paste is then spread on stainless steel discs. The oil seeps out of the olive paste naturally, while the mats are being stacked for the press. Gravity and the weight of the stacked discs alone liberate this natural fruit juice.

The run-off oil is then decanted naturally to separate the oil from the water it still contains. We have made this choice and chosen to bottle our oil unfiltered, in order to protect all the volatile flavors and aromas that give our oil its distinctive taste. This non-tampering ensures a totally natural and healthy product with all its qualities intact.

In order to obtain one liter of this fabulous Fleur d'Huile nectar more than 6 kilos of olives are necessary.

Unrivalled, our run-off oil is a surprising delight, for the finest palates. Its acidity level is extremely low, year after year, varying slightly between 0.25- 0.35% on average.


Organoleptic characteristics:

A unique flavor, due to the high number of volatile components we have successfully preserved. Its intensity remains on your palate.

A rich and robust fruity taste characterizes our Koronekes® Fleur d’Huile. It has a vibrant green, peppery flavor, which presents no bitter aftertaste.

Green apple, tomato, and artichoke have been described in its bouquet. To the nose, notes of freshly cut grass are noted, characteristic of koroneiki olives.

Finer palates might also find it to be reminiscent of roses.

It is a premium translucent olive oil.

It has a golden color.



Fleur d'Huile is an outstanding oil for all gourmets to be used raw. Cooking it will make it lose its plentiful concentration of tastes.

Definitely a must for salads, fresh fish or cheese. Also to be used as a finishing drizzle on all your cooked foods.

From the tree to the bottle