Koronekes® flavoured oils

4 oils in a wooden boxWe have recently added to our production two naturally flavoured extra virgin olive oils to widen our already existing collection of flavoured oils. We added basil and rosemary in 2016. And we plan to add more with a novelty each year.

Our previously existing flavoured oils are:  lemon zest, orange zest and apple olive oils. They are natural first cold pressed oils obtained by grinding freshly cut lemon zest, orange zest or apples from our orchards with our Koroneiki olives. The paste is deliciously flavoured without any essential oil or chemical additive. The paste is malaxed for twenty minutes, and then, it is placed upon the stainless steel discs and pressed.

The result? Naturally flavoured oils, which immediately remind us of the aroma and taste of the fruit.

Recent studies show that flavoured oils can be qualified as extra virgin since adding fruits or herbs doesn't modify the acidity of the extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, it seems that the polyphenol content is tripled when the fruits or herbs are added before malaxation. To find out more visit the Olive Oil Times for a full article about this.

Our Koronekes® flavoured oils are delightful tasting experiences, each with their distinctive character and savour.

From the tree to the bottle