It is very important for us not only to respect the environment, but also to participate in preserving it.

We are officially in organic farming since 2016, but only in 2019 will we be able to write organic on the bottle. Find out more about the principles and objectives of organic farming on this E.U. site.

As a company we obviously recycle all the plastics, papers, bottles, cans, batteries, equipment ( etc.) we use.

All of our bottles and tins are recyclable. Our bottles can even be reused thanks to their pop-in screw. Just put them in your dishwasher. You might want to add a few drops of vinegar with some warm water in the bottle and let it rest a few hours before putting into the dishwasher.

We don’t like anything going to waste; this is how our factory works: the paste residue or olive cake, “pirina” in Greek, rich in organic materials is used as a fertilizer. It makes a healthy and very eco-responsible fertilizer for the environment and our groves which also respects the needs of our olive trees.

We have also re-introduced animals in our groves. We work with local shepherds who bring their sheep into our olive groves. The sheep not only eat the wild herbs and grass growing in the fields, but also fertilise the soil.

We are thinking of getting some sheep of our own and some chickens too. The chicken in addition to eating the grass and fertilising the soil, will also produce eggs!

The benefits from raising live-stock in open air are good for the the environment and the planet, good for the animals and good for us as a business but also as human beings.

We are trying to reduce our ecological footprint by using all the resources we have at hand, i.e. the olive cake. Most fertilizers in Crete come from Germany, organic or not, some 2500 km away. We are therefore helping to reduce our costs and the energy costs of our fertilizer while reducing the number of kilometers it is transported.

We practice mulching. In our fields, the yearly prunings of the trees are returned to the soil in tiny pieces that slowly disintegrate and become part of the soil again. Furthermore, the natural weeds which grow in the groves are cut and left to dry on the spot; these also disintegrate and become part of the soil. This is very good for the environment.

Our quest for total respect and harmony with nature will ideally lead us to use only what nature gives us. We firmly believe in banning single crop farming.

From the tree to the bottle